To better understand the basic knowledge about  legal system, the concept of "Rights" defined by Max Weber will be explored by the interdisciplinary approach which will enable you to travel across broad social science areas.

This approach is to see the law as a social science by analyzing many aspects of the law in political, psychological, economical, sociological and cultural perspectives. Also this approach is designed for not only students with legal background but for students without legal training.

Active discussion among students with different majors and different background will make the course exciting and productive. Through the experiences of brain-storming and interacting among students in the predesigned settings, students will learn how to deal with of various legal issues from the interdisciplinary perspectives. Students are asked to do research and prepare to make presentation about related subjects as scheduled. 


Course materials are not limited. Every student is recommended to read related readings by referring to key words given in the related subjects and presentation reports submitted by previous students which are stored in the "Library section" of this website.

The course "Korean Legal System" refers to the publication " Korean law in the global economy(Bak Young Sa published in 1996) " written by Professor Sang-Hyun Song who is one of the great legal scholars in Korea  to cover the general picture about Korean Law System. Unfortunately, this is the only English version of law book that I know of.


Students are required to submit short paper by the end of semester. The subject will be discussed during semester in consultation with professor. The scope of subjects will be open to students' choice.


The grade will be determined on the basis of the submitted paper on Korean law- related topics.

Active participation in the class discussion and attendance will be considered the major factors in determining the grade.

          - Presentation: 30%

          - Attendance and Participation

             (off-line, on-line discussion): 30%

          - Quiz or Exams or Paper: 40%

  Wednesday, 1:00 pm -3:00 pm
Room # 524 in GSIS building
Sign up in advance is necessary.  
The above -mentioned policy is subject to change according to class situations such as the number of students, the needs and capabilities of students.