Several students suggested to establish a website to continuously extend the interaction among students out of class and to help following students to do a good research about presentation reports.

Wonsang Chung developed the idea, planning the general picture and contents which would well serve the purpose.


Secured domain name 


Web hosting company, (Hyuckjae Lee, president of titicaca company, student of economic department of Korea University) was decided.

While the first draft being developed, Okbin Lim, web designer, joined the project.


Junwoo Kim organized the team for developing the contents in website, assigning the tasks to each student.

Yongjin Kang, Laan Kim, Hyun Kim, Ilhwan Park, Donjo Suh, Haejin Yoon, Jinwoo Lee, Byungwook Chang, Hyunsoo Chun, Jeeyoung Chung joined the team.

Most of time was spent on converting the presentation reports which had been prepared by previous students for 5 years to pdf file, scanning the papers to MS word format. These files comprised library in website.

Jeeyoung Chung serving as the first sysop

The web site opened officially.