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   To all students for 'Korean Legal System' and 'Constitutional Law(헌법총론)
1.Class time and place:
 Wed. 2:00 pm-4:45 pm at room #433 in Law School (New Building)

To students for 'Korean Legal System', the time has not changed, but the place changed to the room #433 in Law School (new building: 신관).

To students for 'Constitutional Law', the place has not changed, but the time changed to Wed. 2 pm.-4:45 pm.

2. Preparation for Sep.17 class

Groups and presentation schedule will be organized.

Before this, read and think about which subjects you will choose, and bring copy of this to class.

In this page, key words are shown which will be parts of foundation for each subject.

When preparing presentation, each group member can discuss this key words as a starting point, and develop to clear ideas.

Both imagination(emotion) and logic(reason) is needed in discussion among group members to build up strong structure for presentation, along with energetic researches.

Use the materials in this website 'Library' only for references. As those can not be one right answer or format, you group members can search out more insightful answer through inspiration being generated by active interaction.

I expect mutually beneficial dynamics and hope all of you enjoy this merged class.

Happy Chuseok!

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