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   Re: 2004 fall final exam in GSILA of Kyung Hee Univ.
1.The grading policy
    Attendance : 30%
    Participation and contribution: 30%
    Exams: 40%

2.Final exam will be held on Oct. 21 in class for 100 minutes

   3 questions : 1 question with 40 points, 2 questions with 30 points
   1-2 answer sheet for one question is desirable.

    Examplary questions and "Jurisprudence(Approach to the Law)"are attached.

3.Evaluation on this class

    To somewhere in law school or univ. website you can upload.(I am not sure about where). Anyway, this offiicial feedback system should be established for students' benefit and school's evolution. I strongly recommend you to do this for sure.
I appreciate if you put the evaluation on Feedback of this site too after doing in official site..

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