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   To: GSILA students at Kyunghee Univ.
How to register

1.Go to "Us" menu and "New Student"

2.Input class info first

   - Choose the year
     2007 is not available at the moment. Please choose 2006. It will be fixed later by webmaster
   - Choose "GSIS" and "Special Issues on Con Law"
   - And "Save"  (If you cannot see "save" button, hit tab in your keyboard three times.)
3.Write down at "Student ID" your student id number(학번)
   If it is not (학번), you may not be shown up.
    *I recommend as the format of your name:
     Moosang Kim(most recommendable) , Moo-sang Kim
     Moo Sang Kim(not recommendable)
  So make the middle name blank.

4.Make it open to public. "Public" means that it can be seen among classmates not others.

5.Go to "Getting Together" menu and try to hit id, name(send message), email of your   friends. If you find friends online, hit the name and send message instantly, and you can meet at "Chat" or MSN Messenger by registering each other's email address in MSN Messenger.
6.Lastly, go to "US" and "Who we are" Search by year 2006 (after being fixed,2007) and see more details about your friends.

I hope It will help you communicate with each other.

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