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   To everyone who took this class and did not register.
Since this website was set up last year, many students who have already taken this class could not have chances to register themselves. If so, how to register yourself now that you have nothing to do with this class or graduated?

No worries. All the students who have already taken this class have their account here.
Just go to 'us' menu and to 'Modify your personal info'
log-in: your student id number
pass word: your student id number( of course, you can change this pass word once logged in.)
I hope you set your info open to public ( here public means other students, not the public in general ). This will help you get closer and keep in touch after graduation by setting up world-wide networking.
Plus, everyone can keep his or her contact info updated through 'modifying persnal info' menu.

If you have some question, trouble or advice, write in 'free board' or contact me or webmaster
me :
webmaster :

I hope that you enjoy this space.

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