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   About Final Exam for 2008 Spring
1. As I announced in 2nd class, the grading policy is:
    Attendance : 30%  <-- attendance list
    Participation and contribution (presentation of main and supplementary subject): 30%
    <--- uploaded files and active discussions
    Exams: 40%

Refer to the attached file I havd already announced on March 22.

    Objective standards for grading will be applied on the basis of
proof every student can verify and accept

2. In accordance with grading policy, uploaded files are considered 'participation' factor.
Therefore, those who did not upload the presentation files are recommended to upload those files as soon as possible to show the proof of your participation in class.
In case of group work, the material should be integrated to one with the members' name on the front page, which will help me count the numbers of participation of each student. Therefore, if I cannot count numbers of show-up of your name on it, I cannot reflect your participation factor in grading.
Your name should be shown up in English with ID(학번) in integrated files. If it isn't, please consult with Jin-min who will make corrections for you in integrated files before 18th. And the individual files for main subject(Weber's definition) uploaded in the freeboard will be deleted by Webmaster after final exam. And the integrated group files will go to the library.
Jin-min is doing a good job for this.

Good example is :

3. Final exam will be held on 18th of June at 3:00 pm in class for 100 minutes

   3 questions : 1 question with 40 points, 2 questions with 30 points
    *New version of examplary questions (which is narrowed down to 3 for big questions and  5 for little questions) will be announced 3 days befor the final exam day. Keep on eyes on the freeboard.

4. At the moment, the grading guide lines I am informed from the registration office is 'the mixture of absolute and comparative grading method.'
Specifically, the number of the students who will get over A cannot be over the half of the number of the whole class. Therefore, 7 students can get the higher than A.

YoungJi Izzy Shin   should the person made "summary" as the presentation also make the ppt and upload it, professor? 2008/06/10  
Prof   Yes, I believe so 'cause that is also the part of presentation. 2008/06/10  
YoungJi Izzy Shin   okay thank you sir :D 2008/06/10  
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