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   Re: register
I found out that 8 students did not read the notice in the "Announcement"
-"To: GSIL students at Kyunghee Univ." before registeration in the website.

Please read the notice in the "Annoncement" now.
and make another registeration with 학번 as id.

Please keep an eye on the "Annoncement"

Go to "Getting Together" menu and try to hit id(info show up), name(send message), email of your  friends.
If you find friends online, hit the name and send message instantly.
If he is off line, this message will pop up when he logs in.
And you can meet at "Chat" or MSN Messenger by registering each other's email address in MSN Messenger.
go to "US" and "Who we are" Search by year 2004, and confirm the info about you.

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