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   chris seunghyun lee
   Group 6- rule by person
As far as human beings have existed there always have been rulers. I will discuss some examples of rulers and how they ruled. From the heads of the ancient tribes to Louis14 and to Hitler, rule by person, at certain era, has been absolute and so powerful that it was unquestionable. First of all, in the ancient times tribesmen usually obeyed their rulers with not much doubt and whatever the ruler had said or ordered were taken literally as the law.

Then came feudalism in which people obeyed their superiors unconditionally: peasantries-knights, knights-feudal lords, feudal lords-kings. In this chain of command- of course it was the kings who had the most power- the words of the kings became, virtually, the law. The most notable ruler was Louis 14 who was known variously as The Grand Monarch (Louis le Grand Monarque), Louis the Great, and the Sun King (Le Roi du Soleil) for the power he had. Today Louis is often used as an example of the absolute monarch, reigning supreme in grand fashion and living by his statement- "L'etat c'est moi"-'I am the state'- which, again, shows the amount of influence he had over the people.

Though it’s impossible to measure and compare the power that such ruler like Louis 14 had, there were several more rulers like Hitler who also had power that was rather absolute. Hitler worked himself up to the point where he could control the people almost any way he wanted to. He reigned over people with such great amount of influence that he controlled them like puppets which turned out to be such horrible insanity.

Rule by person could be good for the people(as it was in the time of Louis 14 who made France flourish) however, if it is used in an appropriate manner or abused, it would be disastrous as it was during the World War 2 when Hitler misled his people. Rule by person definitely requires clear conscience, reasons and morality along with right decisions-the decision-making should be democratic and open to the public- for the good of both the people under the rule and the ruler.  

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