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   Siho Lee
   National Anthem presentations
Please select one country (among the ones that you were supposed to present) and present on the following dates:

1) - Make sure you upload the files on the freeboard. (word and ppt files)

2) - Have handouts ready before class.

3) - Embed, or include the national anthem audio file in the powerpoint. (try not to interrupt the presentation, by playing the audio file from a website or an audio player)

4) - You are presenting on one country but are still required to post presentation materials on other countries on the freedboard.
(example: I would do a presentation on the USA, but I would still need to post materials on Germany on the freeboard)

5) - As it is a group effort, please share with us  about where to get audio files or what to include in the presentations, cool & informative websites, etc.

Next week presentations:
- Group 7 and supplementary presentations
   need to be ready to present.

National Anthem presentations:
(Nov. 30th)
- Siho
- Rahel
- Joseph
- Dukjun
- Jahye
- Soohyun
- Minji
- Kyoungyoung

(December 7th)
- Yeonha
- Euijung
- Hyewon
- Soojung
- Jisoo
- Kyungme
- Youngah

Good luck everyone and see you in class~

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