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   Sungjin Lee
   To Professor( About Grouping...please contact to me)
To Professor,
Yesterday, I've just made a registeration and learned about your class policy,Sir.
Until now, I don't know exactly how to prepare my presentation but  
I'd like to choose "Enjoying","Exclusive","Under its internal order"
And then what is my group?Please add  me  to the any group for presentation.
If  you have fixed my group please contact to me.(
Thank you.

Sungjin Lee

Woojin Jung   Hi, Sungjin. 2004/09/08  
Woojin Jung   There is information on the American Law Dept. cyber club made for communication effectively. 2004/09/08  
Woojin Jung   You could see members of any group you want to participate in. 2004/09/08  
Woojin Jung   For presentation, you could get some info. in the Prof. Kim's Library section. 2004/09/08  
Prof   Thanks for your input. 2004/09/08  
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