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   Jinwoo Oh
   Schedule and list for the participants in group presentation
Sorry for uploading this list with much delay.  

  Topic 1 - Bae, Dosung, Sangchul, Min, Jinwoo, Chun, Eun

  Topic 2 - Bae, Woogu, Jungkwang, Min, Sanghyun, Suhyun

  Topic 3 - Bae, Ahram, Junghun, Sanghyun, Jungkwang

  Topic 4 - Ahram, Junghun, Jungkwang, Kowoon, Dosung, Chun

  Topic 5 - Sun, Suhyun, Jinwoo, Ahram, Kowoon, Dosung

  Topic 6 - Sun, Jisu, Sangwoo, Woogu, Eun, Dosung

  Topic 7 - Jisu, Sangwoo, Suhyun, Jinwoo, Woogu, Shinyoung

  Topic 8 - Jisu, Sangwoo, Min, Chun, Junghun, Kowoon

  _ List above is exact replica of what was written on the board.  If any changes were made or any mistakes are found, please make corrections.

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