the possibility    

What is the power?

      - Definition
          Every scholar has his own definition, which implies power is utmost
          complicated concept since humans formed society.

          Focus on Max Weber's definition and Frederickson's definition.
         Compare the similar concept: Influence, Authority, Right
                   and Force, Energy in physics
              They are often interchangeably used in written laws and
               in different countries, cultures, situations.
      - Two approaches: Substance/ Relationship
      - What are the characteristics of Power?

          *Consider that the word 'power' has the same roots with the word
             'potential', which implies that it is in itself exhaustible.
             On the other hand, your right is still there, whether or not it is
               exercised. What does this mean?

         physical violence legitimized by law

           Discuss the characteristics of Power including above two.
           Deeper analyses will be published in free board as a reading
            material after presentation. 'Power and Right' in pdf format

How to use the power?

         As the power is exhaustible,
         if the ruler exercises power excessively, what will happen?
                 -->   Necessity of maintenance, reproduction and extension

          : 'Efficient exercise of  Power' issue and
            Symbol manipulation: Miranda & Credenda  :
               refer to
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