I like to see people interacting. I like to see people cooperate with competition. I try to encourage students to interact with me and students in class as well as out of the classroom.
 I am not a captain to order what you should do. I am just a guide to help you not to get lost in the open sea. I can give you words which you need when you need those in this journey. It is you students who row the boat by helping each other. I hope you learn how to cooperate with competition and how to compete with cooperation. If you experience this wisdom sailing through the sea , you are ready to remain as a winner in Negotiation.


I do not like to see people through my own glasses. I do not like to interpret what they want on my prejudice. I like to see people with my heart as they are.
I like to listen to thousands of scholars from various areas who had been through human history and are specialists in their own area. I like to understand people keeping my mind open to them and travelling across the disciplines.


I like reason. I like emotion. I can enjoy life only with good balance of reason and emotion, as I can fly free. I hope you feel free flying.