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   Siho Lee
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   (Announcement)Presentation Schedule
Please make sure you check the updated presentation schedule.

Few announcements:

1. In order to get credit, you need to upload the presentation materials on the free board. (This applies to all previous presentations, using the appropriate file name format requested by professor Kim)  

2. Please make sure you select a group leader.

3. Before coming to class, make sure you read through the past materials in the library, inorder to raise questions and have discussions after presentations.

4. Presentation printouts need to be placed in the side near the door, so that  everyone can pick them up when they walk in the classroom.

5. If you are overburdened with your presentations, please let me know.
(at least a week before)

Next Friday (Nov. 2nd) presentatons:

⑤ spiritual and material interests
- Joseph
- Jisoo
- Kyungme
- Soojung
- Euijung
- Yeonha
- Kyoungyoung


1. Multi Level of Human Consciousness
-Yeonha, Youngah, Wookyung

2. Bourgeoisie
- Kyoungyoung, Euijung

3. Majority Rule – Soojung

At the end of this semester we will have extra weeks to cover the postponed supplementary presentations.

Good luck on your presentations and have a great week!

For any questions or concerns please contact me
010 7979 5544

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