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   Hyunjoon Kim
   Group No. 5
first, phone numbers for you all people in Group number 5.

김현준(that's me): 01190946050
이승현: 0164765620
진아: 01193314613 (?)
별: 0154485012
민아: 01191362755
민경: 0164629179
준성: 0196783764
세훈: 0195508090
건우: 01191354111
정현: 01191104506

i hope the phone numbers are right
if not please correct me by giving a reply


i want to know who is doing what
i was in a hurry and forgot to write down list who are doing the keywords


i want your work uploaded on this page or to my email(
by next week sunday


you can find information on these at 'Discussion' panel at top of web site,
refer to it and plus i'll write some sites  you some sites where you can find out information on the issue in this freeboard, later on- right after midterm -


every keyword is going to be represented by separate person
so people who was pretty silent during the class til now, who are in the group
should be ready to give presentation

Minkyoung Park   별 핸드폰 번호는 015->016(^^;)입니다.. 그리고 민경과 별이 right of privacy랑 right to own property부분 맡았어요~ 2002/10/24  
Minkyoung Park   진아 핸드폰 번호는 맞아요 제가 알기론 진아가 right of religion일텐데.. 2002/10/24  
Byul Jun   네.. 015는..;; 016이예요~ 2002/10/25  
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